Monday, 7 July 2014

Lost lights, big city, feels like home.

Stories to Make You Nervous has now run off to the big city to find her fortune amidst the chaos and hubbub of London. I stroll between everyone. I have my kitty and my fish and record player. The charity shops are full of designer clothes and the health food shops are stacked up with tofu, and the library is across the green on the corner of the street. Bliss. It's all a girl needs.

Last night I drunk gin from a teapot with an old friend then went and danced in a dark corner of a room whilst the beautiful boys in make-up sold me their hearts over the microphone; then we wondered home, and just the sight of Kings Cross and the buzz of the city at midnight had me unravelling on the pavement. Right there in the heart of me, every time I get back I feel like kissing the ground. It's good I was with someone who got it.

I fell through the unforgiving lights of the tube back to my new room at the top of a converted mansion, fairy-lights, fake flowers and DVDs everywhere. Bookshelf feels like home. I can see the London Eye from my bedroom; I drifted off to sleep and I spoke to the ghosts in the building all night; they're friendly, you've got no need to worry.

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